Performance and Interpretation of César Franck’s Organ Works;
and Pièce Héroïque - a case study
by Gerard Carter
In the past few years a number of articles and books on César Franck’s organ works and their performance have been published. It seemed to the present author, however, that there was still scope for the issue of a monograph dealing with aspects of their performance which might also include some of my personal recollections of Jean Langlais’ teaching as well as as a detailed and comprehensive case study on Franck’s most famous organ work Pièce héroïque.

  • Author’s Note
  • Reminiscence by the Author
  • Part A: Performance and Interpretation of César Franck’s organ works
  • Chapter One: Performance and Interpretation
  • Chapter Two: Ties and their Notation
  • Chapter Three: Metronome Markings
  • Part B: Pièce héroïque: A Case Study
  • Chapter Four: Analyses
  • Chapter Five: Trocadero Manuscript
  • Chapter Six: Textual and Interpretative Comments
  • Chapter Seven: Programmatic Chart
  • Chapter Eight: Performances and Reception
  • Chapter Nine: Study Score of Pièce héroïque
  • Part C: Appendices
  • Appendix A: Organists and the Franck Tradition
  • Appendix B: French Music Terms
  • Appendix C: Bibliography
  • Appendix D: Discography
  • Appendix E: List of Illustrations
  • Appendix F: Illustrations
  • Appendix G: Wensleydale Press Publications

E-Book illustrated 171 pages

Gerard Carter studied César Franck’s Pièce Héroïque and Chorales nos. 1 and 3 with Jean Langlais, titulaire of the Basilica of Ste Clotilde, Paris, and pupil of Franck’s last pupil Charles Tournemire. He is the published author of numerous books, and of three monographs with co-author Martin Adler, has published articles in the Sydney Organ Journal, and has issued a recording of Chorale no. 3, Pièce Héroïque and Cantabile. He gained his AMusA (Piano) while studying with Eunice Gardiner at the Sydney Conservatorium and is a graduate in Economics and Law from the University of Sydney. He has been organist at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Ashfield, Sydney, since 2009.

Contact: info@lisztsonata.com

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